Am i the target of a weird prank?

Just started writing a blog today, in relation to writing translation code into a plugin, at some point i got distracted and decided to save my post as a draft to finish later. So off i went, doing people things (as we do), and later return, ie. now…

And i see this.. i’m wondering, is it me or is that button a little bigger.. Surely users aren’t demanding a bigger button. I actually had to go google “ publish button bigger” before i decided the problem must be my end.

Refreshed the page, 4 times, still big… hmmm… click another link, now click back to add new.. (oh) back to normal.

All the same, i totally thought for a brief moment were placing a huge Publish button in the editor, and maybe i shouldn’t of jumped to conclusions, but hey, i’d not be writing now if i hadn’t… 😉


2 thoughts on “Am i the target of a weird prank?”

  1. Hi Alan,

    The code discussed and posted in the thread in question is not CSS code, it’s PHP code. In particular the code provided to replace protected/private titles is intended to be placed inside your theme’s functions.php file(wp-content/themes/YOURTHEMENAME/) and not a stylesheet(CSS) file.

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