My first plugin on WordPress Extend

Recently i came across a question on WPSE about hacking a plugin called WordPress Post Tabs to allow disabled tabs when a tab had no content. After having a quick look over the plugin i was quite displeased at the way it was coded and gave up after making a quick hack attempt to enable disabled tab functionality, “It’s just not good enough” i said to myself, something this simple shouldn’t be so hard to implement, i’ll have to write a plugin to do it..

And i did.. (after some woes understanding how to use the repo and svn).

My first ever plugin hosted on the WordPress repository, Post UI Tabs or PUT for short.


Create stylish jQuery UI Tabs inside posts, page or custom post types using simple shortcodes. Choose from 1 of the 25 different jQuery UI styles or go Jedi and define your own CSS.


  • Smart CSS and Script loading
    Only loads CSS and JS when there’s a post in the loop with the shortcode
  • Skin selection
    Choose from a list of jQuery UI styles
  • Disable skin loading
    Optionally turn off stylesheet loading, and just define your own
  • Disabled tabs
    Disable clicking on tabs that do not have any content yet
  • jQuery cookie
    Enable the jQuery cookie script to track selected tabs
  • Tab navigation
    Display clickable links to navigate between tabs
  • Loading on archive pages
    Choose whether to display the tabs on non-singluar pages
  • Translation ready
    Supports other languages (though i need translations if anyone is up for it?)
  • Live style preview
    See a live preview of tab styles in the plugin settings page
  • Action & Filter hooks for code hackers
    Utilises WordPress actions and filters to allow custom hacks
  • Uses the WordPress Settings API
    If plugins you use aren’t using it, you ought to be asking why!


Here’s a temporary screenshot from my local dev environment.


You can download the plugin from WordPress Extend or alternatively just search for Post UI Tabs from the Add New plugin page in your WordPress administration area.

Feedback & Feature Requests

If you have any feedback or features you’d like to see added into PUT feel free to drop a comment on the end of this blog.

Bugs / Support?

Found something wrong with the plugin or need help getting it working right?

Please start a support topic on the forums.


11 thoughts on “My first plugin on WordPress Extend”

  1. Hi Omer,

    If you load up the following page.

    Toward the top right is a theme selection dropdown, click that and you’ll be able to preview any of the themes i’ve added support for, if the jQuery UI team extend the available themes, i’ll add support for them.

    Themes are currently tied to what’s available from, however there are a couple of filters in the plugin to change the skin directory URL and the array of skins to choose from(so you can effectively repoint the plugin to read skins from elsewhere).

    If you need help hacking the plugin(and by hacking i mean customizing, not changing the code directly), please feel free to start a support topic via this link(i read the feed into my dev install, so i’ll see any topics that appear relating to the plugin).

    @Max, thanks for your feedback! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi there,

    I create a new theme with jQuery ThemeRoller and I try edit the put.php file in order to load the new skin. Unfortunately nothing works. Could you give me a hint on how to load the new skin.

    Many thanks for your time,

  3. I’ve got the plugin working great on a testing localhost site. I do have a feature request, though: It would be great if it was possible to allow an empty tab to still set the name part ( e.g. [tab name=”My Dummy Tab”] ) and better yet, to set a CSS class for the dummy tab title li tag. In case you’re wondering why, it’s for graphic layout reasons (to create a pseudo hierarchy of the tabs). I can send a screenshot to explain if it helps.

    The plugin works perfectly as advertised, and was very easy to get working. I had previously looked into adding the jQuery scripts manually, but it was well above my skill level. Thanks for creating and distributing your plugin.

  4. Hi, I like the tab plugin a lot, but my theme seems to be overriding the skin selections. I see the preview when a select a skin, but when I save it and go look at the tabs, they remain grey. is there anything I can do to figure out why the skins are being overridden. You can see what I mean at:

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