Bye, have fun without me!

UPDATE: Fortunately we’ve been able to agree on a slower Broadband package with our provider whilst keeping within the budget. I won’t be going anywhere just yet!

YAY!!!! 🙂 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bye, have fun without me!”

  1. Still here for the time being, just wanted to take a moment to make my circumstances known without making too much of a show(i’m not one for goodbyes)..

    Thanks your the kind comments mate.

  2. Not nice to read this. Maybe this offer helps you a little bit: If you quit your account for some time, you could save the money for broadband service. In exchange I’d offer you a db and some webspace on my shared account (mt) to let your page survive. Just drop me a mail.


  3. I don’t pay anything for my .com account, only ever used a free account. Just wanted to let others know i may vanish soon as a result of internet cancellation.

    Appreciate the offer Kaiser, but i think my free blog account will survive, and i should have internet on and off from other locations from time to time, so i should be able to keep it active. I’m just not going to be around in a support / help kind of capacity(because my time will likely be very limited when i am online).

    Again, thanks for the offer, really appreciated… 😉

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