I’m back in the game baby!

Following the great news that we(my family) will be able to keep the broadband service i decided it’s about time i turn some of my personal plugins into plugins the community can benefit from.

Today i submitted two requests to host plugins on the WordPress.org repository. Two no frills plugins that allow some additional filtering on the administration page that lists your posts, pages or custom types.

PFF(Post Format Filter) will allow you to filter the post list based on post format and will operate with any post type that supports post formats.

PTF(Page Template Filter) will allow you to filter the page list based on page template, and again will operate with any post type that supports page templates.

Less sitting around, more production.. (ie. releasing code that’s useful to the community – after all, the community helped get me where i am today)..

As an aside, i pushed out a new update to the PUT plugin today…  again needing to wrap my head around SVN(amazing how quick you can forget things), which took me longer than writing the code updates(though in honesty i had already written most of the new code in advance).


Mark “happy to still be here” Duncan … aka t31os


7 thoughts on “I’m back in the game baby!”

  1. Mark really like the “Pay it Forward” concept I guess I’m not going to ask have you seen the movie? Bro I need help, I’m trying to install jquery ui accordion on wordpress. Using my functions.php to enqueue the jquery-ui and dependents and enqueue style in my header.php…Not working please help me out…

  2. This answer –
    You can query based on the first letter by modifying the where filter example on the query_posts page..

    This is very basic example, and most certainly could be improved.

    My first go at modifying the WHERE filter though, i was quite happy how easy it was.. 🙂


    Place the following code.

    Tested in the theme archive.php, and made up in a few mins, so as said, proberly could do with a little improvement…


    Saved me so much time, I had to drop by and… Thank you!

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