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Google Ole Style

I’m not sure about anyone else, because i imagine most of you are on super duper dual core processors or better, but personally i’m on a celeron laptop.

When it comes to using google images, it’s awful, the page just jumps about and switching back and forth between results is, well….. rubbish..

So i went looking for a way to use the original search (non-ajaxed), and stumbled onto a link.

Original search, bit with a strange twist, if anything it’s at least funny to use..


Am i the target of a weird prank?

Just started writing a blog today, in relation to writing translation code into a plugin, at some point i got distracted and decided to save my post as a draft to finish later. So off i went, doing people things (as we do), and later return, ie. now…

And i see this.. i’m wondering, is it me or is that button a little bigger.. Surely users aren’t demanding a bigger button. I actually had to go google “ publish button bigger” before i decided the problem must be my end.

Refreshed the page, 4 times, still big… hmmm… click another link, now click back to add new.. (oh) back to normal.

All the same, i totally thought for a brief moment were placing a huge Publish button in the editor, and maybe i shouldn’t of jumped to conclusions, but hey, i’d not be writing now if i hadn’t… 😉

Changed to TwentyTen

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like nav menu functionality is here yet, so whilst i do have a nice flashy theme to show off (i’ve been using it in WP 3.0 anyway), i can’t use the nav menus here, because the nav menu page just says “No peeking”. Oh well, given time i’ll have some menus… until then you can use the tags to the right to browse around (there’s not much here to see yet anyway).

You can expect to see Twenty Ten as the new default theme shipping with WordPress 3.0 on it’s release. I’m going to reserve any criticisms i have for the theme until release time (i’m not hugely bothered in total honesty, it’s just a theme, blogging is about content isn’t it?).