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Manage dashboard widgets

Ever wanted a little more control in terms of controlling widgets shown in the dashboard area of your installation.

As of yesterday, i posted up a small plugin for managing widgets via google code. It’s my first shot at actually putting plugin code into a repository for consumption. As always the code i provide is free, holds very minor author attribution because i really don’t feel a need to own code i write and is provided “as is” with no guarantees.

This is a follow up blog to the thread i started here on the WordPress forums.

For those of you wish to simply skip straight to the code, you can view the repository or download a zip archive of the plugin from the following URLs.

Source code.
Download plugin.

WordPress version – 2.9 – 3.0
PHP Version – 5.x
MySQL Version – not applicable (whatever WordPress requires)

Support: (will it be available)
In a limited capacity yes, if you have problems with the code and want help making adjustments or fixing a bug please use the WordPress support forums, since i primarily focus my time in helping others on there, making it the most ideal place to catch me.

Utilises the settings api to register settings.
Stores all options in one row of the options table, not several.
Uses jQuery to allow smart setting of capabilites across all widgets.
This is an unfinished plugin, this is not considered a stable version, changes/fixes/additions are subject to feedback.

All that said and done, enjoy, and please do feel free share your thoughts..