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Improving the WordPress.org support forums

Things are really looking up right now, with WP 3.0, the MU merge, and now an improved WordPress.org website on the way, i can’t help but wonder what all you guys are hoping and praying for the new WordPress website to bring.

Jane recently posted here at the WordPress forums, to ask for feedback from the community on what we’d like to see changed or implemented on the WordPress website… quoting from the opening post by Jane..

I think we all know that as helpful as the support forums are in some ways, in other ways there’s much to be desired. As we will be doing some work on improving wordpress.org this summer, let’s hear your suggestions for how we can improve the support experience here on wordpress.org. Thanks!

Ref: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/405965

So i thought i’d open a poll and see if i can grab your attention for a few moments, you can vote and not even say anything, click as many options as you like, or add you own preference at the bottom.

Answers are based on the suggestions in the current forum thread linked above, and a few of my own (and i’ll happily add yours on request).

Go on… it’ll only take you a moment..

If you’d like to post any suggestions, either here or in the thread, i’ll be happy to add them to the poll.

For me, the thread tracking is the most crucial feature… but i’d be most interested to see how you guys (the WordPress community at large) feel about it, and what matters to you..

Until the next blog, that’s me out… 😉